Dutch Para Archery Tournament 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [We want to visit tournament, is that possible]
A: [Yes, admittance if free, there is catering on site (not free)]

Q: [Guests]
A: [If you want to visit our tournament from an organisational perspective (i.e. you organize another para event), please send us a mail. We can help you with hotel booking(s) and access to the venue. ]

Q: [Visitor, Guest, whats the difference?]
A: [We invite guests, and welcome visitors. Difference is where you are allowed to stay on the premises, and if you have to pay for lunch.]      

Q: [Delegation, we need an invoice for Hotel]
A: Please contact LOC, and ask for assistance, we have helped several teams to get combined invoice, complete with payment instructions.

Q: [Hotel, how to arrange dinner]
A: The booking module does not offer the package dinners, you have to apply for them at arrival, of ask to put them on the combined invoice.